This poem is by my good friend Charlie Hopkins.  You should go and visit his site:  https://charliehopkinspoetry.wordpress.com, but meanwhile, I asked him if I could “reblog” this one.



“There is a love that will break ribs getting to the heart.”


You harnessed my anger, made me plow in a field of bones.

Taught me not to hear the world’s infected promises
not put my lips too near a dead thing’s mouth
but to kneel
and from my distance, look into this world’s yellow eyes.
See through them there is a light in outer darkness that does not
look away.

Now I stand in front of waterfalls, gutted, reborn in water.
I am here in all this beauty and I am satisfied
with that.


Next moment I am crying. The whole creation is crying.
Pain is not an unwanted child waiting in line for her own abortion.
It is the expected one we wait for all our lives.

The surgeon’s knife cuts through walls of bone and muscle
to  mend the heart
and we are satisfied with that.

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