Ad Supported? Oh I don’t think so….


It has just come to my attention that my blog is riddled with ads.  Interestingly, the page I see when I open my blog on my own computer has not a single ad.  WordPress, the “thinking person’s blog,” has traditionally been free, although I have gradually began paying a yearly fee for a domain and other perks.  I will close my blog and go elsewhere if this doesn’t get taken care of and I continue to see ads.  I don’t know how to take my followers elsewhere, but I will try.  Stay tuned.

(And if anyone cares to let me know how often they’ve seen ads on my blog, I’d be grateful, since I have never seen them.)

8 thoughts on “Ad Supported? Oh I don’t think so….

    1. Thanks. I’m not having much luck getting to the bottom of this with WordPress. May I ask you if you are notified of new posts via email…and if those emails have ads? I’ve gotten a few examples, and I’m wondering if it’s the emailer that puts in the ads…or WordPress. Obviously, I’m not a terribly prolific blogger, but those posts were pretty tacky, and this is not that kind of blog.

  1. I have not ever seen ads either. ps one can view one’s own blog using google from a library and NOT logging in. One can also do it if one has no cookies and goes right to what other people see, using the address bar. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s what I usually do. WP tells me I have a “free” blog, which puzzles me, since I pay a yearly fee for my domain. They did a good job of getting me to upgrade so they can make more money… And yes, I’m feeling quite cynical!

  2. Amidha – no, I do not view your posts through an email subscription to your blog. I view your blog through my blogger “reading list” on my “dashboard”, as if I were following you from my blog…

  3. I asked my husband about this and he said you need to find out who the “hosting company” is that you are paying for your domain ( and contact them and tell them about the issue. towardtheone,org is the domain, but there is a “hosting company” that allows that name to be on the internet. Hope that helps…

    1. Well, that’s interesting. I “had words” with WordPress, and ended up shelling out more money because they said my blog is a “free” blog, even though I pay for a domain name. This did not make me happy, but what I do is not something I’d want ads on. The whole thing annoys me greatly, because at one time WP was a very idealistic place to blog, and they seem more interested in making money these days. I get dunned for months–literally–before my yearly fee is due, but the thought of moving my blog somewhere else is daunting, so it is what it is. Thanks to your husband, who evidently knows about these things.

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