Treading Water with BabiesIn this dream, our family was going to move. Where we were going was somewhere way beyond the Pacific Northwest, beyond Canada even.  My husband was going to bring our belongings, and he was working very hard to get everything together and move us. I was going to take my baby (I don’t really have a baby, at least not in many years) and our older daughter.  I think we started out on a boat, but after awhile, it became clear to me that we should swim, and I took the baby in my arms and slipped into the water, which I’d heard was far too cold to swim in, as Alaska waters had been. It was cool and delicious, silvery clear and exquisitely fluid. I was able to hold the baby to my chest and stroke through the water. The three of us swam and swam, and after a long time, we waded ashore in a lovely little fishing village. It was quaint and arty, and we had a friend who had a bookstore, an older woman. I think we were waiting for my husband to get there, and finally he did. Where we were going was much farther than that, but I felt a deep connection with my friend, and we were glad to see her. She was quite old.

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