If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is tied to mine, then let us work together. –Lila Watson, Brisbane-based Aboriginal Activist, speaking to a group of social workers. 

I always find it amusing that this quote was first spoken to a bunch of social workers, although having worked in the helping professions most of my adult life, I can see how it has multidimensional social and emotional meanings. Later, it was one used by Amnesty International, the phenomenal international organization that seeks to free political prisoners (aka prisoners of conscience) all over the world. I later heard it in the 12-Step circles of all kinds that I have frequented for many years, both as a professional and as an addictive personality. All of these sources are associated with groups that exemplify the highest ideals I can think of. I’ve been hanging out, lately, with a group of women who share some of my concerns, on many levels, and it occurred to me to share this one this morning. They simplify the phrase in AA: “if you don’t get well, I don’t get well.” We’re in this together. And I think of one of the things I know about quantum theories: every atom of our bodies contains the blueprint for the entire universe. Scientific validation of what our guts tell us, if we listen. But as a lover of words, (aka THE WORD), it is this word “liberation” that attracts me particularly this morning. What does it mean to be liberated? Those of us on various spiritual paths use the word a lot, and have a fair idea of what that means, but what about earthly liberation? Does it mean being free to be….you and me (with apologies to Marlo Thomas)? What does it mean to be totally oneself? I am interested in any and all answers to this question. But I suspect–or perhaps am inclined to suspect–that the ultimate meaning has to take us back to that quantum reality mentioned above.

Any comments, questions or additions?

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