Winter Solstice – Starhawk, 2007




Winter Solstice


At the darkest moment of the year, light is reborn.  From the womb of night is born the child of light who is the returning year.  Solstice reminds us that the Goddess is, beyond all, associated with regeneration.  Death gives way to birth, endings to new beginnings.


The solstice reminds us that every quality contains and gives way to its opposite.  There can be no light without darkness, no darkness without light.  Justice is not a question of one side defeating the other, but of finding the dynamic balance between them that generates the energies that sustain the world.


Throughout the longest night, we keep vigil.  We bake bread:  its swelling dough reminds us of the swelling belly of pregnancy.  At dawn, when the Great Mother gives birth to the New Year, we climb the hills to sing and dance and drum for the rising sun.  Hope and inspiration arise within us and we look on the world with the fresh eyes of a child.


Starhawk 2007

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