I live in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina these days.  After living in such places as Alaska and Massachusetts, I have had considerable difficulty acclimating to the steamy, hot summers and the pretty-much-nothing winters.  Over the weekend, my husband and I went for a drive to take pictures of the various huts and barns from long ago that still stand in abundance in the countryside around us, and we marveled at the also-abundance of daffodils, which started to bloom in mid-February.  Perhaps you can see them in the photo above.

They got their comeuppance, though, when we got up to this, this morning:



Is this an example of God’s sense of humor?  We have been longing for snow for months, and had pretty much given up…



Let Thy knowledge cover my heart 

as the snow covers the ground. 

Let my heart melt in Thy light 

as the snow before the sun. 

Let my heart show the purity of snow 

in the path of righteousness. 

Pour on me Thy eternal life 

as snow on earth. 

Make my heart delighted 

by the snowfall of Thy knowledge of Truth.   –Inayat Khan



Any comments, questions or additions?

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