On the Urs

Pir DargahPir Vilayat’s Dargah, Basti

When my Friend is away from me, I am depressed;

nothing in the daylight delights me,

sleep at night gives no rest,

who can I tell about this?

The night is dark, and long…hours go by…

because I am alone, I sit up suddenly,

fear goes through me…

Kabir says: Listen, my friend:

There is one thing in the world that satisfies,

And that is a meeting with the Guest.  — translated by Robert Bly

Following is a letter to members of the Sufi Order International by PirZia Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat’s son:

Beloved Ones of God,

It gives me great pleasure to greet you on this auspicious day, the fifth Urs of our cherished guide and teacher, Pir Vilayat (may God sanctify his holy secret).

I remember visiting my father in the hospital following his stroke.  I will never forget his words: “I will not be able to travel any more, but I am working on seven levels of light, and I will be with them that way.”

“Them” was clearly a reference to us, the initiatic community of the Sufi Order, to whom my father had dedicated his long life.  He had traveled constantly for our sake, but now he recognized, ruefully, that this would no longer be possible.

Yet he refused to abandon us.  Instead, he said, he would be with us through his work with light.  At the time of his stroke he had been working on an article on the levels of light.  Did he mean that he would be with us through his writings—or did he mean that he would be with us through his own work with light on seven planes?

My intuition tells me that he meant both.  He is with us when we read his inspired words or listen to recordings of his ecstatic meditations.  But there is still more to his legacy.  Even now he is reaching out to us from the inner planes, working to bring us closer to our true selves by means of seven degrees of light.

The best tribute that we can make to Pir Vilayat is to pledge ourselves to the continuation of his sacred and joyous work and to live in the constant awareness of the divine light.

With love to all,

Pir Zia

2 thoughts on “On the Urs

  1. kyri~ (kashikyri)

    Good morning, Eklutna…… (?)

    I am an student of Pir Vilayat, and initiate, per the Grace and Presence of Pir Zia near Thanksgiving 2007. I bumped onto this site this morning.

    As I am just now observing the site I am not sure that some of what I want to share or say is always best served on a public forum. Please advise me of a more direct way to be in touch with you, and your exact preferred name.

    Thank you so much for what I have read and observed this morning, and for what it indicates: a gem in the wash of tides. I will re-read as much as I can in the interim.

    all the best~

    Very sincerely yours,

    1. Hello, Kyri–

      I have not met Pir Zia since he was a child! It was his father (and his) who was/were my lifelong teachers. I’m hearing great things about Zia, though! I believe my email address is in the “about me” thing on the side of this page, but it’s Eklutna@gmail.com. My name is Amidha, so named after that particular Buddha by Pir Vilayat. Please write anytime! Best wishes, Amidha

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