Dream House

This morning, toward the end of my sleep, I dreamed that my family was looking for a beach house to buy, and we were taken through this wonderful, sprawling dream of a beach house built on undulating golden dunes overlooking the ocean.  I seem to remember a deck built on the dune, with stairs to a lower deck on a lower dune, leading down to the beach and the roaring ocean.  We sat with the owners in  a room that was all windows overlooking the sea, with a sectional couch built around the walls the windows were in.  Outside, toward the road, there was a double garage.  The owners, or at least the ones we met, a woman and a young man (her son, I assumed), very much wanted us to buy the house.  I didn’t feel quite worthy of it, and such a house didn’t seem possible to me.  I told her that we’d like to lease the house for the winter (we had done this in beach communities when we were younger), and at first she said “no.”  We talked some more and I evidently said something that pleased her, and then the answer was “yes.”  I could tell from the start I had a connection with this woman, but I was surprised and humbled by that.  Then she said “You’re going to make a wonderful daughter.”

I suddenly seem to have taken my blog in the direction of dream analysis, although there are a few here already, ones that seem important.  But “analysis” isn’t quite the right word, because if I analyze my dreams, I’m limiting them.  It seems better to just write them down as the imagery comes to me, and ask that to tell its tale.

Any comments, questions or additions?

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