3 thoughts on “Drive All Blames into One

  1. Betty Brown Hale

    “send kindness to your propensities….” — that is a new thought! — for me, anyway! — When I think about “being kind to myself,” I usually think about what I think of as my “good” self…. here is a new perspective, for me. Thank you as always, Amidha!! — About being seventy-seven…. Probably our deepest propensities don’t change very much… but maybe little by little we can find ways that they can propel us into more constructive outcomes? So much to think about… Great gratitude

    1. Betty, you can Google the Pema Chodron Foundation and find many more such little talks, some much longer. Her books are great, too. Pema is so wonderful for women of our age–for everyone, really–because she makes Buddhism intelligible, speaks plain English, and because of her own life prior to Buddhism, has no illusions about human nature!

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