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My daughter and I have agreed that we created a monster in giving my husband an iPhone, because within weeks he’d learned to do more with it than I ever bothered to do, is seldom without it, and checks his Facebook page FAR too often!

This morning I was happy he had it to take many pictures, though, for we don’t have a snow like this one very often in these parts. The “weather widget” has been screwing up for weeks, promising snow that never came, so when it reported 100% chance of 6-8 inches last night, we scoffed. But lo and behold! A beautiful mess.

There is a stage of the alchemical process called “albedo,” or whiteness. It is the stage when consciousness passes beyond creation into the uncreated world before the construct called time. It is the stage when the soul remembers its essential purity, beyond the conditioning it has received on the earth plane. A snowy landscape evokes that memory.

Today, we live in a transfigured world. My “Ents” (the row of Cypresses you can see at the edge of our land) are weighed down with it. They don’t need it, they already know where they stand, but they willingly bear their load.

It will melt soon, but the memory will stay lodged in the heart and mind.

2 thoughts on “Whiteness

  1. Laurie Lindgren

    So very beautiful, and I think the photo is excellent. I didn’t know that about that particular stage of the process. Sounds
    kind of nice and relaxing as long as you don’t get snow blindness. 🙂 Thanks for these wonderful blog posts.

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