2 thoughts on “To One . . . Or Two . . .

  1. Now that I am growing old, the circle darkens
    under the eye.
    Fingers broken in a fall cry out.
    What mattered once breaks down into small and smaller
    divisions of the space we are falling through
    and the one I love comes closer
    bending down to look me full in the face.

  2. Elizabeth.

    Amidha, thank you so much for sharing this!!

    I had forgotten this poem, and love seeing/hearing it now. And Farrell is the perfect reader! Usually I don’t like readings, so didn’t listen at first… but thought I should at least hear it — then was pretty blown away — by the expression and accent. So moving. Thank you!!

    [P.S. I’m in the process of putting all my online comments under the same moniker — ‘Elizabeth.’ — but it’s just me, Betty — though Elizabeth really is one of my official names, and one I feel closer to, abstractly, than my nicknname “Betty.” Life! : ) ]

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