from an anonymous Tibetan

You say you are bombing ISIS/Daesh in Syria:

Tashi Norbu

I wonder what ISIS looks like from the sky?

You may be bombing suspicious villages that are already war-torn rubble!

I wonder if there are houses full of children, women, and old menwho could not escape. . .
You say ISIS attacked France
In the name of radical Islam, and you may be right, but what if you’re not?
I wonder what do I call those women, children, and old men in the rubble.
I wonder how I should feel about people who lost their livelihoods, their culture destroyed in days,
People who saw their parents, children, siblings and friends blown to unrecognizable bits.

What happened to Paris is horrific:
Our emotional scars will take a long time to heal.
But how have our retaliations changed the world for the better?
Will Iraqi children, Syrian children, Libyan children, Palestinian children, Afghani children forget everything that happened to their countries and their parents and their siblings and their friends overnight?

I am a refugee.
I wonder what I’d I be if you hadn’t shown your generosity before the so called norm of ignoring me.
If you saw creed, dogma and religion before compassion.
Does compassion see creed, dogma and religion?
Is love in itself a language or does it have to undergo political sanctions?
I wonder
How many us of have died..
How many as we read these lines are dying.

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