5 thoughts on “Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

  1. Betty B. Hale

    What a treasure, Amidha!!!! what a treasure to have as teacher!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!

    One among the many things I’m struck by is the connection of god and universe… because a month or so ago I surprised myself by waking up thinking, Hello, Universe! and liked the way that felt. In the past I would have thought Good morning, God, but nowadays that feels too artificial, or confining, or narrow…

    I’m reading a bunch of Jung these days… will be interested in your thoughts on his thoughts!!

    Thank you again, and all good things to you and yours!!!!! Betty

      1. Betty B. Hale

        well, in David’s defense… we don’t usually talk about god, the universe, and everything at hospice meetings

        tho likely we ought to!! : )

        Thank you ever so much again!!!!!

      1. Elizabeth.Betty B. Hale

        Yes! I have liked that too!! & have his Phenomenon of Man and Divine Milieu…. neat ideas!

        I’m intrigued these days thinking about the connections among the “none’s” of the Pew polls, atheists, liberal christians, “NextChurch,” process theology, and Jung & Joseph Campbell… and this interview reminds me to be thinking about Sufis too. Seems like something is afoot!

        A process theology initiative that’s pretty interesting & that I may have mentioned before is Homebrewed Christianity, run by a young Claremont graduate student who’s also a minister. They have a project with Fortress Press (that I’m not seeing offhand), interview podcasts, online courses, conferences — and evidently, good ale : ) http://homebrewedchristianity.com/

        Solstice shalom, salaam, peace!!

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