3 thoughts on “Back to Middle Earth

  1. Those of us who have been down in a darkness so deep, the fish living there don’t have eyes, are able to bear witness to the fact that no matter how deep the pain, if we feel it, take it in as our own, that pain will always turn into joy. It is not especially wise to know this. It is only common sense and the common experience. Today I am happier than I ever expected to be and fulfilled by the life I have, not by the life I wanted or the life I believed I deserved… We are lifted and carried where we belong and we are grateful for everything that brought us here.

    When I walk in nature now, I feel a sweet connection with everything in the natural world. Every bird, leaf, and drop of river water feels like a dear friend to me, like we are fellow devotees of God. This is why I love growing older. The softening of the heart, the widening of what we can accept into our hearts, the surrender of the “I, me, my, mine”.

    Thank you Amidha for the support you have offered me in the last few years that we have been friends. My affections to David and Em as well.

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