The Last Alaska Chronicle

Have been thinking, lately, about the place that still seems like home, and thought I’d “reblog” this. . .


Spirit Houses

(We lived up in Alaska for some seven years, and I heard and told a lot of stories, many of which made their way into group emails to friends and family. It has always been my intention to turn these into a book, and they’re on their way, after several incarnations as research papers and dissertation segments, and I believe they’ll make it, but not yet. I came across this one tonight, though, and it remains in its original state; and it made my heart turn over with love and pain. I’m pasting it in here “as is”…)

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that some of you read the “subject” of this message with a smile, remembering the series of “chronicles” I sent when our family began this Alaskan adventure some six years ago. Others of you are new friends discovered along the way, and may fit into one or more categories…

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